Instruments for Quality Control

(UP TO 300 KG)

Metil Industrie is ISO 9001:2008 certified
Dynamometer Gr 350

GR 350

6 weighing ranges from 0-5 kg up to 0-200 kg, strong and robust construction with metallic springs, white dial and black numbers, metallic housing (no plastic), 150 mm diameter dial for easy reading, supplied with upper ring and lower hook, taring or zero setting is very setting just by turning a screw on the upper part (approx 10 % of the Full Scale in + or -).

Dynamometer PG 120

PG 120

Same construction as the PG 20 but with plexiglas protection of the dial (very important to protect the pointer). Supplied with upper ring and lower hook.

Dynamometer PG 25

PG 25

Tensile and lifting mechanical dynamometer with Maximum Reading Pointer to memorize the peak tensile force during a test. 9 capacities from 0-5 kg up to 0-300 kg. Supplied with 2 rings (no hook). Can be used in all directions (horizontal or vertical, doesn't matter).

Dynamometer PG 22

PG 22

11 capacities from 0-100 g up to 0-100 kg, optional Newton readings, all metallic construction (no plastic). The measuring is read on the inner spring-cylinder compared to the outer fixed cylinder. Very good for industrial applications as the outer cylinder protects the inner graduations.