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Metil industrie becomes a part of Rycobel (more informations).


Our Mission

Our Mission is to sell and represent high technology instruments and systems manufactured by the world leaders in their speciality. We want to be a serious and dedicated partner giving the best possible service before and after sale and listening to customers' needs and wishes.

Instruments for Quality Control

Our goal is to be a leader in " instruments for Quality Control ". We sell and develop instruments for physical measurements such as weight, force, torque, and related data used in industrial quality control. Our customers range from small local companies to world organizations, as well as universities, R&D laboratories and governments.

Our know-how

What do we sell ? all kinds of scales, force and torque gauges, tensile machines, test stands, hardness testers, testing instruments and systems for paper, board, plastics, coatings and packaging.

Since a few years, we have started to study and build our own transducers and measuring equipment for special applications, typically special load cells and force and torque measuring devices made according to our customers' wishes.

A partner for the industrial customer

We sincerely want to be your partner in finding and working with the best possible " measuring tools ". This is why we consider information as the key factor for an excellent customer-supplier relationship. We organize hotel seminars on special topics, we participate in trade shows and industrial exhibitions. We test your samples and give advice based on the expertise of our suppliers and of institutes with which we officially collaborate.

Metil industrie becomes a part of Rycobel

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the activities of Metil Industrie will be taken over by the company Rycobel as of 1 January 2022.

After a period of cooperation, we have come to the joint conclusion that through this takeover an even better package of services and products can be provided for you as a customer.

Both companies still offer you: